The original cloud-based access control solution trusted by millions. Protect your building, employees, visitors, customers, residents and data with Brivo.

Brivo OnAir® cloud-based access control

Manage physical security from one to hundreds of facilities utilizing our cloud-based infrastructure.

Remotely control and manage your site on desktop, tablet or phone
Stay informed of critical events through programmable notifications delivered in real time via email and text

Monitor live video streams from security cameras; review video clips linked to important events

Ensure compliance through customized security reports delivered automatically via email on your predetermined schedule


• Hosted access control, video and ID badging
• Unlimited site, device and door capacity
• Unlimited credentials and administrators
• Rules-based email and text notifications
• Automatic software updates
• Customizable reporting engine
• IT-compliant hardware and communications
• More than a decade of information security audits
• Industry-standard security device compatibility


• Lower costs
• Improved situational awareness
• Increased flexibility, reliability and resiliency
• Faster system deployment
• Enhanced policy compliance
• Future-proof functionality
• Minimal IT support required
• Remotely secure your site anytime, anywhere

Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS

The integration of Brivo OnAir and the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS provides mutual customers with a comprehensive, easy to use and innovative cloud-based security management solution. Powered by both companies real-time RESTful APIs, the integrated solution offers so much.


• Direct navigation from Brivo OnAir to Eagle Eye user interface
• Links from Brivo events to Eagle Eye video clips
• Live and recorded video on either user interface
• Both cloud and on-premise recording options
• Advanced bandwidth management flexibility
• Resilience to network outages
• Support for broader types of cameras including analog and I

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